Investment UpdateNov 6, 2023

ANYbotics Secures $50M in Series B for Industrial Robotics

We are thrilled to announce that ANYbotics, an ACE Ventures portfolio company, has secured $50 million in its Series B round.

ANYbotics is revolutionizing the operation of complex industrial facilities with its innovative approach. Their autonomous robots, leveraging advanced AI, are set to transform the way we approach infrastructure inspection and maintenance tasks. This investment arrives at a time when there is a significant upsurge in demand for robotic solutions across heavy industries like oil & gas, chemicals, power, mining, metals & minerals, and utilities. These sectors are grappling with an aging workforce and a scarcity of labor, prompting a growing dependence on inventive robotics solutions to optimize operations, minimize environmental repercussions, and enhance worker safety.

In this round, we are joined by major deep tech players such as Walden Catalyst, NGP Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Aramco Ventures, plus existing investors Swisscom Ventures, and ourselves. With this new funding, ANYbotics is poised to accelerate its growth and further its mission to lead in the field of mobile robotics.

At ACE, we invest in game-changing technologies and the people who dream them into reality. ANYbotics exemplifies this principle. We are privileged to accompany them on this journey and look forward to the day when fleets of ANYmal will be working side by side with people on facilities and assets worldwide.