About us

Delivering differentiated returns

Trusted Partners Across Private Equity

A multi-stage private equity offering built on a unique combination of expertise, experience, and knowledge.

ACE's investment offering has proven resilient over fifteen years, benefiting from the shared knowledge across Secondaries, Buyouts, and Ventures to make well-informed decisions and mitigate risk across strategies. ACE delivers differentiated returns through the breadth of our portfolio, investment process, and information advantage built on decades-long relationships with industry leaders.

ACE’s entrepreneurial approach leverages diverse investment sourcing channels and a large global network. ACE benefits from a longstanding strong track record since the Company was founded in 2005 and FINMA-authorized in 2017.

ACE’s priority is to deliver investors a trustworthy investment offering that values honesty, transparency, and rigorous execution. With headquarters in Geneva and offices in London, New York, and Cairo, our global presence allows us to maintain proximity to investors, corporate partners, and entrepreneurs.

ACE is strategically positioned between private equity and venture capital funds, independent investors, and investment advisors and is, therefore, able to understand clients’ needs and provide relevant products and services in response.

Driven By Knowledge

  • Mitigating risk across stages through our portfolio's breadth of knowledge and depth of expertise
  • Engaging our three strategies to foster a more comprehensive understanding of private markets and enhance decision-making
  • Drawing on a network of specialists, we gain unique perspectives to make better-informed decisions

Agility as Strength

  • Navigating the ever-changing investment landscape leveraging years of team experience
  • Fostering innovation and enabling quick decision-making with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Embracing flexibility to swiftly respond to market shifts and capitalize on emerging opportunities

Aligned Partners

  • Demonstrating commitment through ACE partners and employees contributing ~35% of total AUMs
  • Fostering a collaborative culture and valuing partnerships with colleagues and investors
  • Remaining investor-focused and quickly adapting to an investor’s needs and requirements