ACE in the NewsNov 9, 2023

ACE & Company at START Summit 2023

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At the recent START Summit 2023, Steve Salom, Co-Head of Venture, took to the stage in a Fireside Chat: Bear Market Hyperscaling. He was joined by Andy Yen and Isabelle Siegrist, two other industry experts, to share their collective knowledge and expertise with the eager audience. START Summit, Europe’s largest student-run conference for entrepreneurship and technology, was hosted in St. Gallen between March 23rd and March 24th.

Steve shared insights on leading Uber’s expansion in Western Switzerland and implementing the “Blitzscaling” methodology, optimizing speed and focus. In 2014, Uber had to adopt a decentralized approach to establish a presence quickly in Switzerland, building teams in each European city. Steve highlighted the various opportunities in the tech industry today, specifically in Switzerland, due to the accelerated growth of the ecosystem and access to undervalued opportunities. These factors make Switzerland an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors alike. For founders seeking venture capital funding, Steve emphasized the importance of finding partners with the right alignment and partnership who share a company’s vision and goals.

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This year, ACE will launch the ACE Swiss Tech Outliers Fund, a generational opportunity within the Swiss ecosystem committed to supporting outstanding Swiss entrepreneurs in Switzerland and abroad and backing the next generation of technology leaders.

We are proud to participate in events like START Summit 2023, which play a critical role in shaping the industry’s future, bringing together the best and the brightest to collaborate, innovate, and drive change.