Life at ACE & Company


Our People

At ACE & Company, we believe in the power of unity, fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates the unique perspectives and talents of every individual. Our dynamic team embodies the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, resilience, and agility that define our identity. We understand that our greatest asset is our people, and we are committed to nurturing their growth and success. With a rich culture of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas, we champion a culture that thrives on collaboration and fosters an atmosphere of forward-thinking solutions and ownership.
Luciana  Faccio

At ACE, we place a high value on diversity and meritocracy, fostering an inclusive workplace where every individual is empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents.

Luciana Faccio Legal & Compliance Manager

Guillaume Gin

ACE has given me challenges and opportunities, fostering an environment where we, as a team, work together for continuous improvement and personal growth.

Guillaume Gin Senior Investment Associate

Alessandra Agnello

Our entrepreneurial spirit fuels innovation and fosters a culture of continuous learning, creating an environment where success is a shared journey.

Alessandra Agnello Investment Principal

João de Saldanha

The distinctive culture at ACE is shaped by the unique blend of individuals we bring on board.

João de Saldanha Investment Vice President

John Joseph

We value resilience as a key element in achieving success—whether it's delivering results to our investors or offering strategic guidance to our entrepreneurs.

John Joseph DirectorHead of Legal, Compliance & Risk

Our Principles


We are proactive and always strive for excellence, building trust through the results we deliver to investors, the guidance and strategic advice we offer entrepreneurs, and the service we deliver to partners.


We are independent thinkers with a distinct way of combining insight and experience to drive returns. Learning and innovating are at our core. We spot opportunities faster and use our agility to our advantage. We recognize, appreciate, and reward this attribute in our colleagues and partners.


We demonstrate resilience in the results we deliver to investors, the guidance and strategic advice we offer entrepreneurs, and the service we provide to partners.


With our finger on the pulse, we leverage our global network and breadth of strategies to see wider and further, accessing and maximizing value. Our rich experience and proven results give us confidence and courage to build the future.

Working at ACE

A rewarding working environment

  • Hybrid work model
  • Employee recognition and onboarding programs
  • Learning programs
  • Diverse team events and off-site gatherings

An empowering culture

  • Direct access to the management
  • Work autonomy and ownership from day one
  • Regular, transparent firm-wide updates
  • Autonomous objective planning

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