Tarik Habib

Chief Investment Officer
Investment & Executive Committee Member

January 2nd 1980 – June 11th 2021

We are profoundly saddened by the death of Tarik Habib, our Partner , Chief Investment Officer and Investment & Executive Committee Member. Tarik passed away in New York on 11th of June 2021.

“In my mind, you have become the North Star, the brightest star in the constellation, guiding and looking out for us. You are in our every day, the memos, our practices, the principles we apply . . . in our hearts. . .

Tarik had an immediate positive impact when he joined our team in 2014. His dedication and enthusiasm merited him with a reputation as the undisputed expert in investments. He was highly engaged, and always ready to provide advice and perspective on any issue. He will always be admired and respected for his enduring commitment and outstanding contribution to our team, and we would not be the company we are today without him. 

“We will learn to live in the sunshine of your life, instead of the dark shadow of your passing. . .”

Tarik leaves behind his wife and their daughter, his brother, mother and father. We ask that you keep his cherished family in your thoughts and thank you for the outpouring of support. Tarik’s memory – and legacy – will forever live in our hearts. 

“They say the only thing people leave behind is their reputation, and what a reputation you have created for yourself.”

To pay a heartfelt tribute to Tarik, we have created a Remembering Tarik Habib Memorial Board. If you would like to share your own memories, thoughts, and feelings about Tarik, please do so via to the board. Tarik was held in the highest esteem and regard by all those who had the privilege to know him as is attested by the abundance of tributes received.

“An Iron fist in a velvet glove, Tarik was a true soldier. An inspiration to so many. A symbol of quality, rigor and achievement. A benchmark to look up to. You helped people become better versions of themselves.”


To honour Tarik’s memory, we are supporting Al Nas Charitable Hospital by establishing an intensive care unit in Tarik’s name. As of September 2019, the hospital provides high quality healthcare to its patients free of charge with a focus on heart diseases, one of the leading causes childhood mortality in Egypt. While our dear friend and colleague was taken from us far too soon, we hope that through our support we can give second chances at life to children in need.

Together we have raised more than USD. This donation went towards the setup of the hospital room, along with the bed and all necessary equipment. Today we we can gladly confirm that the rooms are already operational.

For further information on Al Nas, please visit their website. For your kind contribution, please follow the link.

“I once heard a quote which went along the lines of ‘if you’re going to a meeting, make sure you are showing up. If you’re going to do something, make sure that you did it at 110%, because at 99%, it’s a waste of everyone’s time.’ That quote defines you.”

Tarik and his wife, Ashley
Tarik and his daughter, Luma

“You left behind a great legacy. You helped shape ACE into what it is today. You lived a great life and left a beautiful family behind. You will always be remembered dearly in our hearts. Thank you for everything!”