Investment Trends

Progress Through Efficiency

A transition from growth to efficiency in both production and consumption habits will be driven by environmental, resource, and inflationary realities. New technology applications across industries will continue to gain market share on continued demand for advancement across social groups and regions, especially in developing nations.

Pricing of Externalities

Positive and negative externalities, such as regulatory decisions and social pressures, will increasingly drive business valuation. Businesses will increasingly demand technologies to measure and mitigate the effects of these externalities, which will drive an entire industry that will include both voluntary and regulatory participation.

Financial Disintermediation

Through technology and new operating models, long established institutions and ways of doing business are being bypassed in favor of more efficient models. These trends may expand beyond financial markets and extend to other physical and digital service.

ACE approaches investments thematically in order to capture
opportunities created by the impact of long-term economic,
political, and social trends.

Multi-Polar Politics

Growing adoption of blockchain technology and distributed exchanges will drive the virtualization of the real economy. Modern financial experimentation of the monetary system, the growth in liquidity, and regulatory systems have exacerbated this trend in recent years. 

Sharing Economy Expansion

Economic and social activity will increasingly depend on shared services, products and experiences. This will drive improvement in accessibility and broaden social inclusion across markets.

Superior Knowledge

Major shift in technological knowledge through machine learning, artificial intelligence, and rise of quantum computing power will produce a knowledge base that is far superior to that of humans’ capabilities across industries in unexpected ways.