Investment Themes

ACE approaches investments thematically in order to capture opportunities created by the impacts of long-term economic, political, and social trends.

Efficient Progress

Major conscientious transition from growth to efficiency, in both production and consumption habits, driven primarily by environmental realities.

Social Equilibrium

Societies will drive towards the establishment of equilibrium across race, gender, and social classes.

Multi-Polar Politics

The decline of a hegemonic international system, together with a rise of new actors, will create shifts and increased volatility in global decisions.

Sharing Economy

Economic and social activity will increasingly depend on shared services, products and experiences.

Superior Knowledge

Artificial intelligence will produce a knowledge-base that is far superior to that of humans.

Monetary Experimentation

Unprecedented monetary stimulus will debase currencies and encourage the adoption of decentralized financial frameworks and new asset classes with impacts to global equities, commodities and trade.