Investment Solutions

ACE’s Investment Solutions service consists of three business lines: Direct Mandates, Public Equity Mandates, and Fund Access Facility through which it collaborates closely with investors to create customized investment programs that meet specific criteria, timelines, and objectives.

Direct Mandates

Our Direct Mandates offer clients a flexible, tailored approach to design and implement their investment strategy. Such services include structuring of a holding vehicle to manage subscriptions, cash-flow monitoring, reporting, regulation and also the option of managing the clients’ global portfolio.

Direct mandates include opportunities to invest in direct private equity investments as well as provide access to expertise and insight into quality opportunities in the public equity market. These investments are managed through Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) or dedicated portfolios.

“The level of professionalism and the quality of back office support stands out from others in the private equity business.”

– Co-Investing Partner –

Public Mandates

ACE established the Fund Access Facility (FAF) to provide investors with access to quality flow of leading third-party private equity fund opportunities. ACE carefully evaluates, selects, and forms close partnerships with top tier managers worldwide. FAF leverages the team’s specialized knowledge and extensive network to facilitate the allocation of capital for improved risk-adjusted returns, allowing for smaller minimum commitments.

“Investors will need to look beyond their traditional investing grounds to create wealth in the future as 70% of future world growth will come from emerging economies.”

– ACE Emerging Market Consumer (AEMC)
Public Mandates Investment Thesis –