Investment Platform

At the core of ACE’s investment approach is creating lasting value for our investors and the company’s we invest in.  Strategically positioned between private equity and venture capital funds, independent investors and investment advisors, we are able to understand investor’s needs and provide relevant products and services in response.

“ACE’s model is a new proposition for the market. I don’t see others offering co-investment alongside big PE funds and top managers like Carlyle, BC Partners, Riverstone, and YCombinator. They have access to amazing opportunities which I haven’t seen before in this market.”
– Institutional Investor —  


ACE’s Venture strategy targets the fastest growing technology champions across major innovation markets, through direct investments and co-investments. By leveraging ACE’s proprietary network of top-tier sourcing partners, investors are able to gain preferred access to the very best opportunities around the world. The strategy focuses on scalable, well-funded, tech enabled companies with ambitions and premier execution capabilities that are in their later stage of the lifecycle. On a case by case basis the strategy may also consider earlier stage opportunities with attractive risk-return profiles.

Average Holding Period: 5-10 years
Portfolio Holdings: 91
Total AUM: $180mm

“They are very clever foxes who constantly scout around the world finding niche deals. They know how to source. They use their very established and wide network and have the structures and processes for systematically sourcing and executing on deals that are not only timely but are in good geographies, good sectors, with good teams and at the appropriate stage of growth”
– Institutional Investor —


ACE’s Buyout strategy seeks to opportunistically build a direct private equity portfolio by co-investing alongside top managers in their core areas of expertise. The strategy’s objective is to deliver a private equity portfolio with superior asset selection and higher returns vs. traditional funds. ACE focuses on buyouts and growth equity investments in businesses with strong free cash flow while selectively investing alongside emerging sponsors in opportunities that provide superior alpha generation potential. The strategy seeks to construct a diversified portfolio of 18-25 investments per fund.

Average holding period: 3- 5 years
Portfolio holdings: 49 companies
Total Assets: $390mm

“They have a good reputation and a good strategy and they are able to attract bigger deals. It’s a matter of trust. They invest their own money, which is different to a broker.”
– Private Investor –


ACE’s Secondary strategy offers an attractive risk-reward profile by mitigating to blind pool risk and accelerated cash flows, in addition to acquiring the funds at more attractive prices as a result of ACE’s strong relationships with global GP and secondary institutions. ACE follows a methodical process in understanding where opportunities lie, their context and how to price them. Combining relationships, robust due diligence, speed, and operating in a niche area, ACE’s secondary investments program has delivered outsized returns to investors versus its peers and global benchmarks.

Average Holding Period: 5 years
Number of Funds: 266
Total AUM: $85mm