Highlights from the 2023 Global Investment Forum

Thank you to all our investors and partners who attended the 2023 Global Investment Forum, proudly sponsored by ACE & Company.

Adam Said (Founding Partner at ACE & Company) & François Hollande (Former President of France)
Adam Said (Founding Partner at ACE & Company)

The forum began with Former French President François Hollande sharing his perspective on international relations, offering valuable insights into the current geopolitical crisis, the rise of populism, the polarization of opinions, and the potential risks to democracy. Mr. Hollande discussed the ongoing war in Ukraine, suggesting that the outcome of the 2024 US presidential elections could influence its resolution.

Hollande described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a leader who believes in using force and employs a method of dialogue based on lies, while also highlighting the low likelihood of nuclearization in the Ukraine conflict due to the massive response it would provoke.

From ACE & Company, the Ventures strategy showcased the inspiring journeys of their notable portfolio companies: GrubMarket Inc.neustark, and Masref. The conversation centered around creating impact through entrepreneurship. In addition, ACE Ventures conducted an on-stage discussion with Mark Kornfilt, an accomplished Swiss Entrepreneur. Mark is widely recognized as the founder of Livestream and has previously served as the president of Vimeo. His valuable knowledge and insights will play a crucial role in the newly launched ACE Swiss Tech Outliers fund, where he will serve as the Vice Chair of the Investment Committee.

Johannes Tiefenthaler (Co-Founder and Co-CEO neustark), Amer Baroudi (Co-Founder & CEO Masref)

The Global Investment Forum continues to serve as a valuable platform for nurturing ideas and facilitating meaningful connections among individuals who possess insightful perspectives capable of driving positive change. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to our fellow sponsors: Citi Private Bank, IPGHowden, Swissquote, Avantegarde Finance, Agio Digital, and Jetfly, for their valuable support in making this event a success.

Charles Lorenceau (Co-Head of Ventures) & Mark Kornfilt (Founder & CEO at 10doors ventures)