Perlego: How to Turn a Personal Pain Point into a Successful Business Opportunity

In this episode of “ACE It!”, Gauthier Van Malderen, CEO & Founder of Perlego, shares insights into his entrepreneurial journey and his mission to make educational materials more accessible and affordable.  Perlego is a subscription-based platform that offers students a wide range of academic content worldwide (over 1M+ books and over 950 topics).

Perlego has quickly become a go-to resource for students. The company has also developed a platform called Textbook Bank, which provides students with affordable and convenient access to textbooks and other materials. By creating a platform similar to Spotify for textbooks, Perlego allows publishers to monetize their content in new ways.

Gauthier shares his thoughts on how to build a successful brand, including utilizing influencers and professors, building customer support, and standing by company values. Throughout the podcast, Gauthier highlights the importance of building a strong team and how to handle the pressure of being a CEO. He also stresses the importance of embracing failure and learning from it quickly and cheaply to build better products.

As Perlego continues to grow, Gauthier reflects on his journey as a founder and the importance of having a clear vision, being passionate, and being open and transparent with employees, investors, and partners. Join us as we delve into the world of EdTech with the founder of Perlego, Gauthier Van Malderen, and learn about the challenges and opportunities in this exciting industry.