Entocycle: Disrupting the Insect Industry

Keiran Whitaker, CEO and Founder of Entocycle, recently joined a podcast to share his entrepreneurial journey, his company’s success, and the insect industry’s vast potential. Entocycle, a leader in the field, utilizes cutting-edge computer vision-powered hardware and software to monitor and manage billions of insects in real time, commercializing a suite of technologies that have the potential to create a multi-billion-dollar industry. The company’s innovative approach to insect farming has become increasingly relevant, considering recent changes in European legislation.

The insect industry is rapidly evolving, with a growing number of companies entering the space due to the potential for new pharmaceuticals and other applications. In particular, the pet food industry has seen significant growth as sustainable options become more prevalent. This trend is now applied to human food such as bread, biscuits, noodles, and pasta.

Keiran shared how his experiences living in tropical countries and witnessing environmental damage led him to make a difference by starting Entocycle. He likened the process of building his company to crossing a snowfield, with only a faint path to guide him forward. He acknowledged the challenges of competing in the sustainable tech industry. He emphasized the importance of drive, passion, and the need to prove to the broader industry that insect processing is possible.

Universal support, along with mission-aligned and climate-focused investors, played a crucial role in the success of Entocycle. Keiran highlighted the importance of having a lead investor to assist in making critical decisions and the need for a dedicated team that shares the company’s mission. He also spoke about the contributions of key team members, including CTO Matt Simmonds and Paul Hillmann, in navigating the company through difficult times. Keiran is excited about the potential of the insect industry and grateful for the support of early-stage investors as the company continues to grow.