About Us

ACE & Company (“ACE”), founded in 2005, is a global private investment platform, specialized in direct investments for private investors and supported by a perpetual investment group, ACE Investment Partners.

ACE’s passion is for finding investment opportunities where we have an advantage through many years of relationship building, a carefully developed position of knowledge in the sectors which we are active, and a culture of efficiency to gain first mover’s advantage.

ACE’s purpose is to offer investors a long-term and collaborative investment approach that values honesty, transparency and rigorous execution, so that our strategies not only provide unique access to value accretive, risk-managed deals, but fosters what we consider our bedrock—trust.

ACE’s progress has been marked by a globally respected track record since the Company was founded in 2005. In the last four years, we have increased our total assets by fivefold and in 2017 received FINMA authorization. With headquarters in Geneva and offices in London, New York, and Cairo, our global presence brings us in direct contact with investors, corporate partners, as well as entrepreneurs and offers an exceptional network of opportunities across our diverse investment portfolio.

“They have taken their heritage, legacy, culture and finances and created a new co-investment model”
– Head of a Family Office –

A Leader in diversified investments for private investors

We are dedicated to sourcing niche investment opportunities through our relationships with leading experts and organizations.  Through our investment platform we offer diversified exposures and ability to allocate capital to improve risk-adjusted returns and create value for our investors. We believe that purposeful investments are the future.

“They fill a very needed gap in a growing market.
They bridge the family office world to private equity. They are not old guys in grey suits.
They have unparalleled access to top deals.”
– Investment Expert –

An Investor Owned Company with a Principal Mindset

We intimately understand the needs and expectations of investors today because we are investors ourselves.  ACE’s majority shareholders have come together to form a perpetual investment group known as ACE Investment Partners (“AIP”).  AIP supports and endorses ACE’s investment platform and as a result can provide investors with flexible investments structures. We believe that by aligning with all our stakeholders we can achieve our shared objectives and goals. 

“They are people like me – I can relate to them and trust them.
The Carlyle Group lets them into deals, if they weren’t up to the level or the task they wouldn’t be let in,
there’s obvious respect there from the big players.”
– ACE Private Investor –

A Transparent Investment Platform

ACE provides investors with clear, accurate and timely information throughout the lifetime of your investment.  Our investment team is continuously searching for robust opportunities through disciplined processes of sourcing and due diligence, while our investor relations and execution teams are laser-focused on ensuring smooth and transparent onboarding, execution, monitoring and reporting. ACE is regulated by FINMA, Switzerland’s independent financial institutions regulator, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).