Gecko Robotics Raises $40 Million to Increase Robot Production

10 January 2020

Gecko Robotics has come a long way since ACE first invested in them from Y-Combinator Demo Days. The company has recently landed $40 million in financing as it aims to build an additional 40 robots over the next year to meet what the company sees as growing demand for its safety and infrastructure monitoring services. Any additional funding will be used to support its quickly scaling business operations, which has already grown from 45 to 115 employees in the past 12 months, focusing on hiring software and product engineers to establish a cutting-edge data company, powered by robots.

Jake Loosararian, Gecko Robotics’ 28-year-old co-founder and CEO, commented, “We are growing fast solving a critical infrastructure problem that affects our lives and can even save lives.  At our core, we are a robot-enabled software company that helps stop life threatening catastrophes. We’ve developed a revolutionary way to use robots as an enabler to capture data for predictability of infrastructure; reducing failure, explosions, emissions and billions of dollars of loss each year.”

Founded in Pittsburgh in 2016, Gecko Robotics develops several robots aimed at the power, gas, oil, and manufacturing industries. Equipped with HD cameras, sensors, and transducers, wall-climbing robots perform non-destructive testing on tanks, boilers, scrubbers, piping and more. Using different inspection payloads, the robots can inspect wall thickness, cracking, pitting, and other forms of degradation. With continuous data capture, these robots can collect 1,000x more information while also performing the inspection on average 10x faster than previous methods. Gecko’s robots are about enabling industrial companies to carry out regular inspections and capture data at a speed and scale that existing manual methods would be incapable of, minimizing the need for humans to engage in hazardous activities to inspect hard-to-reach equipment. Ultimately through the data that it gathers and analyzes, Gecko’s software can help predict when and where infrastructure failure is likely to occur.

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