This week the news headlines came from our early investments:  AeroFS, Pinterest, GoCardless, and TransferWise. Starting with AeroFS's partnership with Redbooth. Moving on to Pinterest's 40% growth and the new features it will offer. Finally, an inspiring interview with GoCardless' CEO,Hiroki Takeuchi, after the accident and TransferWise's new "borderless account".

1. AeroFS is Merging with Redbooth

We have some exciting news to share today: AeroFS, our early stage portfolio company and Redbooth are merging! Check out the article here

2. Pinterest: Over 200 Million Monthly Users, New Features Coming

Pinterest's growth rate is almost 40-percent higher than it was a year ago! Check out this article for more information about upcoming new features.

3. GoCardless CEO: 'I still feel like I'm the same person'

A very inspiring read! The first formal interview with the GoCardless CEO since his accident. 

4. International businesses could win big on savings with 'borderless' accounts

Read more on how international businesses and blockchain-based start-ups could conduct their activities much more efficiently and save on transaction costs with TransferWise's new "borderless account".