This week the news headlines came from: Space X, Hanson Robotics, GoCardless, and PlanGrid. Starting with Space X's video of an astronaut who spent a year in space and Sophia, Hanson Robotic's robot who became a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Moving on to GoCardless clearing up common misconceptions around direct debit and finally Plan Grid's Sheet Compare reducing work and making it easier to compare construction sheets.

1. Don't doubt Elon Musk, says astronaut who spent a year in space

Elon Musk is racing to land SpaceX on Mars in five years, a vision he unveiled late last month at the 2017 International Astronautical Congress. Check out the video.

2. Saudi Arabia bestows citizenship on a robot named Sophia

ACE's favorite robot, Sophia created by Hanson Robotics, is making headlines again! She may be driving soon! Read more.

3. 5 Direct Debit myths debunked

GoCardless clearing up some common misconceptions around Direct Debit. Read more.

4. Compare Construction Sheets

Try PlanGrid Sheet Compare and reduce rework - overlay 2 sheets to view changes, clashes, & constructability. Read more.