This week our highlights come from our growth and early stage investments.  Starting with ChargePoint's partnership with Vivint Solar. Moving on to TransferWise's new approach to customers and an interview with Hanson Robotic's, Sophia, the humanoid robot.  Finally, an interesting story about Priceonomics Data Studio.

1. Vivint Solar and ChargePoint Make It Easy for Homeowners to Adopt Clean Energy with First Fully Integrated Solar™ Solution

ChargePoint's partnership with Vivint Solar is making it easy for homeowners to adopt clean energy. 
Learn more here:

2. Why fintech startups love advertising on the New York City subway

Check out how TransferWise​ chose new smart mediums to approach and communicate with people who have a connection overseas. Check out the story here.

3. How it feels to meet Sophia, a machine with a human face. 

TV presenter Michael Mosley interviewed an advanced humanoid called Sophia, with state-of-the-art facial expressions. What was it like? Check out the interview here.

4. The Smiley Index: Ranking Countries, Companies & Jobs by 'Smileyness'

Does your company have interesting data? If you're a company that wants to work with Priceonomics to turn your data into great stories, learn more about the Priceonomics Data Studio.